Hunger and low blood sugar create irritability and conflict, and research sponsored by the National Academy of Science shows that many fights couples have can be traced to this common physiological problem. Especially in this era when tens of millions of people are diabetic or pre-diabetic, physically caused anger often and easily leads to marital conflict. A currently familiar TV ad shows an inflamed person screaming and out of control, and their answer is that a candy bar will quickly turn the person into someone completely different, who’s calm and in control. Candy is obviously not a healthy solution, but the point remains that low blood sugar makes us hungry and brings out the worst in us. We even have a term for it: hangry = hungry + angry. So if you or your partner are angry, check on your or their blood sugar. And if you’re going to have a difficult conversation with your partner, make sure you’ve had something to eat that keeps your blood sugar at a healthy level.

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