Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does Dr. Kramer offer phone or on-line video counseling services?

Yes! Especially in this time of COVID-19, Individuals and Couples can receive counseling services through both phone and on-line video, whichever you prefer. I use Skype and Zoom for video sessions with both Individuals and Couples, and these are easily arranged.

How long are the Sessions?

The first meeting is for an hour and a half, and subsequent sessions are usually for an hour (a 60 minute hour, not the common 45-50 minute counseling hour).  Sometimes Individuals and Couples want to continue meeting for the longer (90 minute) appointments after the initial session, which is always an option, easily arranged, and entirely your choice.

What’s Your Approach?  

I’m practical and results-oriented, and want you to leave each appointment with clearer understanding, insight and direction, knowing specific steps you can take, and skills you can use, to have greater control and traction to successfully deal with your issue(s) of concern.  I want you to leave our appointments feeling that you received the support, listening and caring attention you need, and that the appointments are very well worth your time and effort, and that you’re receiving the help you need to make changes for the better.

Do You Meet with Couples Separately or Together?

I normally meet with both members of a Couple together from the first meeting on, unless you request meeting separately, which is easily arranged.  Couples learn to pull together (rather than being caught in a tug of war), listen and understand each other’s perspectives, see communication breakdowns and know what to do about them, heal hurts, resolve conflicts, and learn what it takes to have a loving and close relationship.  This is best learned together, and it helps to hear each other from the start, when possible, unless there’s a reason to do otherwise.

How Often Do You Meet with Clients?

In the beginning, we normally meet once a week and then every other week. The timing of this varies from one individual and couple to another, depending on many factors. There is never any sense of obligation, but rather we make one appointment at a time, unless you want to make a longer term arrangement with regularly scheduled meetings. Since my focus is on helping you be heard and receive the support and caring you need, and know what to do about your issues, you’ll have the means to help yourself rather quickly, dramatically speeding up the counseling process. After changes have been made and positive patterns are being maintained, we might meet monthly, until even that’s unnecessary.

When Are You Available for Appointments?

I’m available Monday through Friday between 11AM-7PM.  If we cannot find a day and time to meet during those hours, I will meet on Saturdays, when necessary.  I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.

Do You Prescribe and Recommend Using Medication?

Medications are prescribed by MD’s.  I am a PhD Licensed Psychologist and do not prescribe meds.  My focus is on helping you get to the root of your issue(s) of concern, and change your patterns of thinking, feeling, acting, and relating, which I believe is usually the most beneficial approach in the long run. Many people benefit from meds at some point in their lives, for a period of time, but that’s an issue that must be discussed with a Physician/Psychiatrist.  Meds and counseling often work very well together.

Where Is Your Office Located?



My office is easily accessible, just a couple of minutes off the I-5 at La Jolla Village Drive, west of UTC shopping center, across from UCSD, behind the Mobil station at Villa La Jolla and La Jolla Village Drive, at 3211 Holiday Court, on the road leading up to the Sheraton Hotel. This is easily accessible from University City, Del Mar, La Jolla, Sorrento Valley, Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks, Solana Beach, Encinitas, and San Diego.

How Can I Set Up a First Appointment?

You can call me (1-858-780-0988) if you want to talk to me directly, hear what I sound like, ask questions, or get clarification, and we can arrange an appointment after speaking, if that’s what you want to do.

Or you can go to the Contact page in this Website, fill it out and email it to me.

Or you can email me at

Please be specific about days and times that will be best for you and your schedule to meet for the first 90 minute meeting, and I’ll do my best to arrange what will work for you.

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