People usually think of death as a depressing fact of life, but a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology (11 January 2017) found that when we appreciate that our life is limited, it offers us an opportunity to focus on what’s good in our life and to make the most of the days we do have, which makes us happier.

In the midst of the stress and strain of daily living, we often end up focusing on what’s missing or wrong, on the bad news, the conflict, the unhappiness, but when we realize that we have a limited amount of time we have a wonderful opportunity to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and to make the most of each day that we’re alive. The researchers who did this study wrote, “imagining time as scarce prompted people to seize the moment and extract greater well-being from their lives.”  A suggestion:  write down at the end of the day the things that you appreciated and enjoyed that day.  This way you reinforce the patter of looking at the positives and making the most of each day you live.