bookwhycoverPublished by Simon & Schuster (Translated into 8 languages)

Why Men Don’t Get Enough Sex and Women Don’t Get Enough Love offers couples hope and a plan for a new, more loving relationship. Part One of the book lays out the problem between women and men, and explains why men and women often misunderstand each other, resulting in mutual frustration and conflict. Part Two offers a Woman’s Program and a Man’s Program, to help couples get beyond the battling and frustration, to a relationship that creates greater intimacy, love and sex.

“Jonathan Kramer and Diane Dunaway’s book advocates rethinking how men and women relate, accepting what is and allowing for the differences… Kramer and Dunaway have offered avenues to reconciliation where women can get the loving they want and men can get a better sex life with their mate.” — San Francisco Examiner

Based on years of research, WHY MEN DON’T GET ENOUGH SEX AND WOMEN DON’T GET ENOUGH LOVE offers compassionate, thoughtful advice…” — Toronto Sun